7 Habits of Highly Competitive ‘Entrepreneurial’ Graduates

University is a crazy time in your life – full of excitement, adventures and possibilities. Many say it is a best time of your life. Yes indeed it is. University offers you a privileged 3, 4 years where you can put down ego and harness the full aspects of life with a flexible identity. It is a time without much commitment and with ample freedom. It is a time when failure is not punished severely as in the real world.

Many students arrive at university not knowing what they want to do in life. You have to expose yourself to different activities as the only way to find your passion is to experience it. University life is for you to create own personal values and build networks from the start.

These are the 7 habits which I have seen from many successful undergraduates in their own field. There are other habits but these 7 are critical and of highly importance.

1.      Think positively.

Not everyone accepts or believes in positive thinking. Some consider the subject as nonsense but those who really believe and practice it are the ones who benefit the most.

A positive mind expects joy, happiness, health and a successful result. And whatever the mind anticipates, it finds.

2.      When you’re stressed, turn it to be a dessert.

University life is not smooth all the time. You will find challenges and obstacles along the way – friendship, relationship, heavy assignment, final exams and more.

Take it as a learning process and know that your ability is defined by how well you handle problems. It is not a big deal to get rejected as well – learn the lesson and move on.

3.      Be a risk taker.

Be opened to new experiences and step out from your comfort zone. Many things no longer work the same way as in the high school. Broaden your horizon by not just taking part in campus activities but also in events such as national conference and international exchange.

 If you feel like to start a business, go ahead. Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in his dorm.

During university life, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!

4.      Read a lot. Extensively and deeply.

Your major is not enough for you to stay competitive – you need more than that. Strive for multiple professions. Read newspapers. Read magazines. Read fictions and non-fictions. Read articles which bring you a different perspective. Be good at general knowledge so that you are well aware of current affairs – it definitely helps especially in class discussion or job interview.

5.      Be an active listener and a great observant.

Many people emphasize on speaking skills – how to convince, communicate or talk in public. They are indeed important.

But many have neglected the importance of attentive listening. The ability to ask good, provocative and interactive question is equally, if not more, significant. Learn to be a great observant and know which way the wind blows.

6.      See competition as a motivation, not a threat.

Competition motivates us to strive for the best and proves our capabilities. Welcome and accept competition. Learn from your competitors and be better than them.

7.      Dare to dream – and work to realize it.

There are always people who come to tell what you can and you can’t do. There are always people who laugh at your dreams and ask you to follow their paths.

Don’t ever give up your dream just because of a skeptic who has turned you down. Don’t let others to tell how you should live your life.

Dare to dream big. Follow your guts. Always ask yourself “what can I do to make a change –on my family’s destiny, my life and the society?”