5 Ways to Use Social Media to Enhance Business Brand Presence

Social media is associated by many people these days as a medium for communication between friends and family and also as a place where you share interesting photos and videos. But from a business perspective, the social media landscape can be so much more than that. Let me share with you five reasons why you should consider looking into the social media landscape for your brand.

  • Constant Engagement

One of the biggest reasons people use social media is to have constant engagement, be it with friends or family. By engaging with potential customers and clienteles, your business can build a relationship with them, one that goes beyond the usual “buy this or buy that” that people are already used to and not fond of. For example, our team at AwesomePenang tries it best every day to engage people on Facebook and Twitter, sharing all kinds of funny, interesting and relative stuff. We try to ensure that a “2-way” communication exists between us and them so that they feel welcome and engaged.

Remember, business is a people game. Without people, a business can’t go far.

  • High Trust Level in Social Recommendation

Based on a Nielson statistic back in 2009, it shockingly revealed that only 33% of the people today believe in banners and ads. A more startling statistic was that 90% trusted recommendation from their friends and family. Back in the day, this was done through word-of-mouth. But in our high-tech world today, word travels much faster through the social media landscape.

And the best part is, people truly trust what their friends share and talk about. So in short, if you have an aspect of your business that you want people to know about, there is no faster way than to get it shared on the social media landscape and work hard to get people to talk about it.

  • Establishing and Exposing your Brand

Whether you realise it or not, your business is a brand the day it is born. People love making judgements based solely on your company’s name, logo and product and it something every business should and must focus on. Based on Wikipedia back in 2010, the social media population was estimated to be around 6,868,000,000, which is bigger than many countries already. So with that in mind, why not invade the social media landscape?

If you represent your brand effectively in the social media landscape, you’ll be able to expose your brand and garner interest in it much more effectively than just relying solely on traditional advertising methods.

  • Getting Immediate and Constructive Feedback

Back in the day, getting feedback meant people either calling a company’s hotline or filling in survey forms and it was a very tedious process. Social media has removed this obstacle entirely, with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest now, your audience can post complaints, praise, queries or suggestions directly to you. It’s a very handy and direct engagement method with your customers

Many companies have successfully used social media to not only improve on their products and services but also introduce new ones to suit the markets demands and needs. Bottom line is that feedback, no matter positive or negative, is crucial to your company’s success and the social media is the easiest and most convenient way to get access to them, both for you and your customers.

  • Cost Effective and Obvious ROI

Setting up a Facebook page or Twitter account doesn’t cost anything and will at most take up 5-10 minutes of your time. But those 5-10 minutes of investment can bring bucketloads of returns. Compared to the traditional advertising methods, there is beyond a doubt that the costs are vastly lower and with some effort, you can achieve the same amount of Return on Investment(ROI).

In a nutshell, there is no reason why your business should not make its way into the social media landscape. There is a lot of promise and exposure just waiting to be explored by your brand. But the problem is that many businesses have trouble understanding the social media’s behaviour and find it hard entering it.

This is why one of our ventures helps local businesses in designing effective social media campaigns. We are also learning and focusing on ‘social recommendation’ that basically combines the ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing and the virality of social media to effectively achieve our clients’ intentions.

There is so much more to learn and we want to keep learning as we go! If you’ve enjoyed this article and it has piqued your interest in social media marketing, make sure to check out our next one as we share even more of what we’ve learnt about the social media landscape. Cheers!