5 Things To Do During GEW Malaysia

Today is Global Entrepreneurship week in Malaysia and this are top 5 things you can do during the WEEK. 

1. Join a GEW Event. 
Join one of the many events in GEW and we at MYE will be highlighting them at http://www.entrepreneurs.my/tag/gewmalaysia/

2. Start Your Biz.
There is no better time to start a biz than now. Do not delay your dream and start your own biz now. 

3. Talk about Entrepreneurship.
If you are already doing it. Talk about GEW. About your start up, about your biz. Blog about it. Remember to share it with your friends in the Malaysia Entrepreneur group.

4. Read about Entrepreneurship.
Find a book, a blog, a site to learn more on how can you be a better entrepreneur. We hope that you are inspired by what you learn where you can improve yourself and your business.

5. Invite Your Friends
Invite your friends to join us at Malaysia Entrepreneurs. Share with your friends who wishes to start their biz in Malaysia.  The facebook group is at here.

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