5 TED Talks You Must Watch For Entrepreneurs

TED.com is a fascinating site. It contains great ideas and stories from global leaders and innovators all around the world. There talks about almost everything around the world and that includes entrepreneurship. We have compile the 5 top of these TED talk that if you are a budding entrepreneur looking for inspiration that you MUST WATCH.

Cameron Herold: Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs

Bored in school, failing classes, at odds with peers: This child might be an entrepreneur, says Cameron Herold. At TEDxEdmonton, he makes the case for parenting and education that helps would-be entrepreneurs flourish — as kids and as adults.

Anil Gupta: India’s hidden hotbeds of invention

Anil Gupta is on the hunt for the developing world’s unsung inventors — indigenous entrepreneurs whose ingenuity, hidden by poverty, could change many people’s lives. He shows how the Honey Bee network helps them build the connections they need — and gain the recognition they deserve.

Burt Rutan: Entrepreneurs are the future of space flight

In this passionate talk, legendary spacecraft designer Burt Rutan lambasts the US government-funded space program for stagnating and asks entrepreneurs to pick up where NASA has left off.

John Doerr: Seeking salvation and profit in greentech

I don’t think we’re going to make it,” John Doerr proclaims, in an emotional talk about climate change and investment. Spurred on by his daughter, who demanded he fix the mess the world is heading for, he and his partners.

William Kamkwamba: How I harnessed the wind

At age 14, in poverty and famine, a Malawian boy built a windmill to power his family’s home. Now at 22, William Kamkwamba, who speaks at TED, here, for the second time, shares in his own words the moving tale of invention that changed his life.

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