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5 Steps to make 2014 your best year yet

Here’s a 20 minutes exercise that can transform the way you step in to the new year. 

This exercise isn’t about your actions (like a New Year Resolution) or your business (like a business plan) or on yourself (like a personal plan). It is about the year itself: 2014 

Remember 1984? It was George Orwell’s book about an oppressed future ruled by a “Big Brother”. We’re now 30 years in the future. It’s 2014. If this was a book, and you are the one who gets to write it, what will 2014 be remembered for? 

This exercise puts you in the drivers seat, with 5 Questions that create the synopsis on the back cover of the book, 2014. Take a sheet of paper, and write out your answer to the following 5 questions. 

The quality of your questions determine the quality of your quest. 

If 2014 was an epic quest, where you get to invent the adventure, what are your answers to the following five questions?

1. Why? Why is 2014 a mission worth making? 

Why are you most excited about the coming year and the big mission you will be starting or accomplishing? Why will others be equally excited to join you? 

2. What? What are the chapters in the journey? 

What are the main challenges and adventures in the year ahead? What are the journeys to embark on and the obstacles to overcome? 

3. Who? Who are the main characters in the story? 

Who are your fellow adventurers, who are already with you or who will join the mission? Who will your mission benefit, and who will enjoy the results of your success? 

4. When? When do the key moments take place? 

When are the key scenes in the story? When new journeys begin, when obstacles are overcome and when old chapters end? 

5. How? How will the book be written? 

Will it be written as an adventure, a hero’s journey, a love story? Will it be written as a comedy, a soap opera or a horror story? You get to choose the genre! 

Give it a go and see what comes up. We are often so focused at the content of what we want to do, have or be, we miss the context of the story in which we live out our lives. Set the story first, and much of the rest often takes care of itself. 

I’ve included below my own answers to these five questions, both as an example and to share what I’m most excited about in the year ahead. 

Remember, 2014 will be a historic year whether we are a part of it or not. We weren’t a part of 1914, but it made history 100 years ago as the beginning of the 1st World War. We are a part of 2014, and so each have a say as to what it is remembered for 100 years from now. 

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” 
~ Abraham Lincoln