Malaysia Business Financing

5 Malaysian Websites for Funding and Mentoring that Entrepreneurs and Businesses Should Know

We are listing 5 Websites for Malaysian Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Start-Ups which they had wished that they knew before, during and after they have launched their businesses. These websites give access to funding, networks, marketing opportunities and mentoring to entrepreneurs and businesses. 

  •  SME InfoA portal for all your Malaysian business and entrepreneurial financing needs and directory

SME Info provides the latest information, industry news and updates about the Small to Medium Enterprise segments in Malaysia. The portal also provides insights and latest news on government announcements, industry trends and available financing and training programmes for SMEs. Various developmental aspect for SMEs in Malaysia that the portal provides includes advisory services, financing options, training programmes, business networking and matching, and further industry events organised by the government and private sectors. SME Info is run by Bank Negara (The National Reserve Bank of Malaysia), where they play host as the Secretariat to the National SME Development Council.

  • MAVCAPA source of financing for Malaysian businesses

MAVCAP was created to invest in the development of local technopreneur (Technology entrepreneurship) scene in Malaysia in 2001. MAVCAP is what local entrepreneurs would describe as the closest entity mirroring the functions of a Venture Capitalit firm who will help financially challenged start-ups through capital investment, while monitoring their progress. They are known for having quite strict evaluation processes when it comes to funding start-ups, and usually start-ups who have been in business for several years and have a clear growth plan ahead would be considered, as commented by your resident entrepreneur members.

If you are looking at expanding your business with its proven concepts throughout Malaysia, Malaysia Franchise Association is your place to be, especially since the organisation provides all the help you need from sourcing for potential franchisees to seeking financial assistance to getting the proper training to set up your franchise network. Ideally also, you can be on the lookout for successful franchises in which you can roll out from their list of franchisors. We were told by our entrepreneur members that the maintain the website quite well and they frequently organise trade-shows in your states to get more traction towards growing the franchising business in Malaysia.
  • MSC Malaysia – The Catalyst for Technopreneurship in Malaysia
From Grants, to Business Plan competitions, to Mentoring Services, to Incubation Space and Market Recommendations, MSC Malaysia was founded to develop the Malaysian IT-related entrepreneurship industry. It is widely known that when your company obtains an MSC Status company, you will enjoy a host of benefits which includes certain tax exemption, to access to grants, access to research and developmental facilities under MSC Malaysia and a network of mentors to grow your business. The MSC Malaysia’s programmes to develop more I.T. based entrepreneurs in Malaysia have seen some fruitful successes, where local brand names like Groupon Malaysia (Originally Groupsmore Malaysia) which had gone global, was the brainchild of MSC Malaysia’s Grant Receipt, Joel Neoh, to regional business matching company, SocialWalk by Mr. Tham Keng Yew and the people behind the sensational Upin & Ipin animation show.
  • e-Perolehan The Online Procurement System for Local Businesses to Connect with Government
The call for a more transparent online procurement can never be clearer with the e-Perolehan system, where businesses and entrepreneurs in Malaysia can now sell their products and services through an online procurement system to governmental agencies. By registering your company with e-Perolehan, you would gain access towards participating in tenders, procurement exercises and bids issued by the government. You can submit your quotation and to bid for tenders. You should check out and explore the portal further to familiarize yourself with the system, especially those involved with Quotation & Tender.
We will be working on more useful articles on Free Resources that Malaysian Entrepreneurs and Businesses in Asia in general can use to kick start and expand the growth of their businesses. Check back with us for regular updates.