5 Malaysian Entrepreneurs I admire and a lesson I learn from each of them.

I do realized that most of us (including myself) admire most world’s top-notch entrepreneurs like Donald Trump and Richard Branson. But then again, don’t forget that our country also have inspiring entrepreneurs who are currently making their stands, at par with renown entrepreneurs as well. For this post, I would like to talk about 5 Malaysian entrepreneurs that I admire and lessons that I’ve learn from each of them. I hope this can maybe can inspire you as well.

Firstly, about the founder and director of Tutti Frutti – the global frozen yogurt giant (as stated by The Anderson Media Group), which is Amanda Nasim. Generally, as what most of us already know, some Malaysian students don’t want to take risks in doing something complicated like building a start-up, while juggling with their studies. She is currently studying in York University, UK, and even though she still need to focus on her studies, she still can multi-task well with her tasks, and it has been proven as recently she has open the first Tutti Frutti franchise in the UK during her years of studies. Hence, it has also proven that, being as a student is not a barrier to achieve dreams that may look bizarre in people’s eyes.

Secondly, about Malaysia’s well-known airline empire owner, Tony Fernandes. A bizarre risk that he took on to kick-start his career in the aviation industry, is buying, owning, developing and managing over an almost-bankrupt airline company  to one of the top-notch airline companies which is AirAsia. What I’ve learnt from his action is, we need to be confident in anything that we do, aware of the outcomes when taking a risk, move forward, and don’t regret. Year by year, he has strived on developing it. Now it has become as a pure competitor in the aviation industry, competing with Malaysia Airlines and other airlines as well. On top of that, his entrepreneurship successes, I also learnt that nothing is impossible if one have the passion to strive harder and succeed well.

Next, Joel Neoh. Out of all companies he’s currently managing in Malaysia, there’s one thing in common that I’ve noticed, from the starting of his journey building empires with Khailee Ng, which is the youths. Converted from The Youth Intelligence, to Youth Asia, this company kick off two companies known as and Groupsmore (Now brought buy Groupon). As a youngster, I learn and feel proud that, youngsters are no longer just youngsters, and Joel has proven it!

Fourthly, the well-known shoe designer, Jimmy Choo. He designed shoes for celebrities including UK royalties, which his achievements on designing shoes for people embarked himself at the top until being known globally among VIPs, and he’s a Malaysian! What I learnt from his times through ups and downs are, Malaysians really Boleh!  On top of that, his achievements totally proven to some Malaysians who always being judgmental with people who’s working in the art industry, and underestimate art industry itself, that they are wrong and there are values in each art piece created.

Last but not least, the late Lim Goh Tong, the rare gem among entrepreneurs in Malaysia. From harvesting lettuce and maple syrup, we now have one of the most profitable casino in the world, which is Genting Group.  What I truly learnt is from his walks of life, are keep on working hard and don’t give up. Not forgotten from where we come, and try to contribute to them back once we are successful in life.

To sum up everything, there are a lot of positive values of life that we as Malaysians, can learn from each entrepreneur from this country of wonders that we should proud of as well! As been said by Tony Fernandes’, which is also his personal credo “Dream the Impossible, Believe the Unbelievable, and Never Take No for an Answer.”

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