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4 Active & Independent Malaysian Business Networking Groups You Can Attend

Business Networking is the key to success for most businesses, especially new entrepreneurs wanting to break into the market. Entrepreneurs should look at business networking groups and independent organisations or NGOs as a support to connect them with an ecosystem of other entrepreneurs and businesses that can work with them on a Win-Win situation.

Business Networking activities to go for…

Entrepreneurs in Malaysia love to network and commonly we seek several business groups that doesn’t just improve our socializing skills but also objectively grow our businesses. Yes, entrepreneurs have tried many free online business platforms, joined some top-flight-business-clubs (thought to be really exclusive with the invites only terms – suitable for the affluent), and some closed network that focuses on a selected few industry players per group.

While there are loads of groups out there, here are some of the lists of business networking groups, that are worth a look and has the ability to “really” assist entrepreneurs and business people grow. The list are in no particular order.

  1. BNI – Business Network Internationalbusiness networking
    A very closely knitted and invite only group that ensure there are no direct competition amongst your own group by allowing only a representative from every industry. If accepted, you’ll be approved and welcomed for all their business networking sessions. This is a paid network group and it promises to increase exposure to many other people and businesses. It professes a strong referral system; hence you are more or less assured some business transaction here. Good thing is, it has a global network association. More info, visit BNI Malaysia.
  2. business networkingJCI – Junior Chamber International
    This is a largely open organization that focuses on not just entrepreneurs and business people but also any and everyone intending to learn about business in general. Here, networking comes in various chapters and is active worldwide. It looks to empower the younger group of likeminded people. It also promotes not just-business-only activities but also links with various NGOs and CSR programs to ignite collaborations and bonding among its members. We see this as a great platform to start with should you have nerves jumping straight into business dealings. This is a membership based association. More info, visit JCI Malaysia.
  3. business networkingBNC – Business Networking Club
    From the name itself, we understand that this club creates a conducive business networking platform for entrepreneurs and professionals to mingle, network market and discuss their business/business opportunities. Hosted at the prestigious Bankers Club, the networking sessions are always coupled with prominent speakers on a wide range of subjects. They too, like JCI have activities that helps bond the clubs’ members but more so with tours, golf tournaments, annual dinner and dance. This is a paid membership based association. More info, visit BNC Malaysia.
  4. business networkingRootwommers
    This group provide entrepreneurs an alternative cost-effective, simple basic system yet powerful form of marketing and self-monitoring of business growth using various applications of WORD of MOUTH MARKETING. Its roots are similar to BNI whereby it encourages business referrals as the fundamentals for business growth. It runs a bi-monthly meeting session and has business brainstorming workshops. Still an infant business networking platform but seems to have its potential. More info, visit Rootwommers.

With the emergence of many other business networking groups, Malaysian entrepreneurs today find the possibilities of linking businesses even quicker. Whatmore, the internet has made such visibility greater. So go forth and network!