3 Ways for Businesses to Save More Money by Going Green Cheaply


Whether you support the evidence or not, there’s no denying the fact that ‘green credentials’ are a key part of business strategy in the 21stCentury.

However, going green can also help your business financially, as well as enhancing your reputation. We’re not just talking about turning the lights off when you leave the room or buying recycled paper for the photocopier here, either. It’s about introducing changes that could make a big difference to your bottom line numbers – but won’t actually be hard to implement.

So here are three cost-effective ways that businesses can use to go green, and save money.

#1 – Cut waste, cut energy, increase profits

These are the day-to-day changes that almost everyone is already making in their lives, such as using energy-efficient lighting, ensuring waste management systems are focused around recycling rather than disposal, and that consumables are sourced ethically and cost-effectively. What you need to do in business is scale these principles up and look at your options across the board.


Work towards developing a low consumption office. The ‘paperless’ office will probably never exist, but we can certainly go a long way to reducing how much paper we actually use and generate every day. One way can be to transfer all your accounting records from paper to electronic systems such as . This enables you to keep updated accounting records without having to resort to paper printouts.

#2 – Use your green credentials to promote your business

Demanding consumers aren’t just looking for value for money any more. They’re also looking for companies that take their ethical responsibilities seriously, including their green credentials.

Your reputation will play a major part in your success, and one of the best ways to use this to your advantage is to make your customers feel involved too. If they feel that by buying from you they are doing ‘their bit’ for the environment, even if your goods are slightly more expensive you may find that customers prefer you to a company that exploits endangered habitats, for example, or has a reputation for polluting the environment.

Give your customers a reason to choose you – and make that reason a green one. But make sure you can back it up with evidence, as nothing destroys customers’ trust in a company quicker than finding out they’ve been lied to!

#3 – Green investment

Invest in smart technology that will improve efficiency, reduce waste and emissions and improve your green credentials and you will see a long-term return on your investment that could drastically change your bottom line numbers.

Not only are you fulfilling your corporate and ethical responsibilities, but you are reinforcing a positive image in your customer’s minds  – your business is one that cares about its customers, its impact on the planet and its ethics.

All of that can be engineered into your overall business model and can be an exceptionally powerful marketing tool. Listen to the comments of your customers too, as they will often have innovative and cost-effective suggestions that can help your business to constantly evolve and grow, without costing the earth – literally!

About the Author:
Carlo Pandian is a freelance writer and blogs on green technology, entrepreneurialism and technology covering everything from sustainable energy to latest business software. When he’s not online, Carlo loves visiting contemporary art museums and volunteering at his local community center.