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3 Things You Should Know about the Extreme Entrepreneur Peter Sage

In celebration of TEDxKL 2013, we have gotten the chance to research and do a scoop on the Extreme Entrepreneur himself, Peter Sage. One of the headline speakers for the annual TEDxKL this year, we will explore the origins of Peter Sage, an entrepreneur whose daring ventures had brought him to launch companies that harvest the energy potential of space, to becoming an advisor of a leading business school and ultimately inspiring thousands of entrepreneurs to live their potentials to succeed! Here are 3 things that you should know about the Extreme Entrepreneur himself.

A well-known entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience in growing fast-paced enterprises, he launched, operated and
brought to success over 15 start-ups before the age of 30.He also sits on the Advisory Board of INSEAD, one of the top five
business schools in the world.

Founding Fast Moving Companies

Peter Sage has brought to success 6 companies large enough to qualify for the Entrepreneurs Organisation membership in
different industries. Some of the most notable include; The World Wide Health Corporation, an anti-ageing corporation he
founded in 1998 that he quickly took to USD $4M in revenue. The Energie Fitness Group, which he co-founded in 2002 and is
one of the UK’s fastest growing chains of health & fitness centers and the winner of numerous prestigious industry awards.

Space Energy by Peter Sage

His more recent entrepreneurial venture saw him found Space Energy – a multi-billion dollar company focused on generation
and transmission of clean energy and commercialisation of Space Based Solar Power that has already secured interest from
several major governments.

Motivating the World with Extreme Entrepreneurship

Coined the term ‘Extreme Entrepreneurship’, Peter Sage has been renowned for kick-starting risky ventures and often getting
involved with business ideas which challenges the norms of society. A believer in creating new markets or introducing a
product that will radically shape the foundations or a way of life, Peter Sage has been iconic in spearheading a portfolio
of 15 start-ups before, ranging from technology, education, services and now green technology and energy.

His mantra of ‘Extreme Entrepreneurship’ can also be seen through his active involvements in extreme sports, an interest
which personifies Peter Sage’s adventerous spirit to explore the unknown and try new endeavours!

Peter Sage Mantra

At the tender age of 18 years old, he wrote his first book (Despite not having many people or his peers around his age,
doing so at the time) on health and fitness entitled ‘Supreme Physique.’It was then that Sage had his first taste of
success when his co-authored book, ‘Lessons Learns from the Recession’ from the Business Leaders book club and his latest
book ‘5 Keys to Master Your Life’ became an Amazon No.1 best seller in Japan in its first week, selling out more than
100,000 copies.

With his mantra doing the extreme, he shares his ideas on personal development and business strategy with the public and
eventually landed him opportunities to speak alongside big names like Kofi Anan, Sir Richard Branson, Former US President
Bill Clinton and many others.

Seeding the Interest and Passion towards Entrepreneurship for the Future

Despite being a high school dropout at the age of 16, Peter Sage has been an active advocate in promoting entrepreneurship.
With a vast spanning experience in Entrepreneurial pursuits and global leadership, he currently advices and is attached to
some of the world’s most renowned business schools and organisations, despite ironically not having higher qualifications
after he left school.

Peter Sage at TEDx

He is part of the prestigious global Entrepreneurs Organisation, a by-invite only members club for successful entrepreneurs
who have achieved a certain benchmark in revenue making and company size. He also served as the Chairman of the London YES
Group (The largest personal development organisation in Europe) and currently sits on the Entrepreneurship Advisory Board
for INSEAD (A globel top five business school in entrepreneurship education).

Peter Sage earned his due recognition to sit on these boards and member organisations, due to his unrelentless passion to
share his experiences, knowledge and business wisdom with the crowd.

Being a sought after speaker, Peter Sage had developed a following for both the young and the old to dream and pursue their
entrepreneurial goals. Through his seminars and conferences, Peter Sage is inspiring and seeding the interest among people
to believe in the dream of becoming Entrepreneurs themselves!



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Peter Sage at TEDxKL 2013

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