The Fast Changing Mobile Market

3 Things that Entrepreneurs Must Know Before Bringing Their Businesses Mobile

Businesses are all quickly jumping into the bandwagon to go Mobile with their websites, products & services and customer engagements. However, companies and entrepreneurs need to first understand their expectations of launching their businesses via mobile to capitalize on the growing consumer base, while mitigating unwanted risks.

Understand the fact that mobile technology is a fast changing game – phone of yesterday might not be selling today and consumers are always pushing the boundaries of how technology can improve the convenience in their lives. There is no denial that the number of mobile applications is growing at an exponential rate.

Therefore, one must be adaptive to adopt different approach for their mobile marketing when the tide changes. While all software is adaptive, maintenance may incur higher cost.

There is always a good reason to outsource request to specialized firms that provide matching service. Not taking potential savings into account, owners may rely on these technology firms to keep pace with the revolutionary industry. As such, studying the fundamental and reliability of firm for which mobile solution is deployed is also important.

Quality on mobile – There should not be any discrepancy in the quality of product, service or communication that business may provide through any channel. As far as possible, process owner should aim for giving a complete seamless experience to consumers in all 3 channels – physical store, desktop website, mobile website.

The key factor to achieve this is optimization. Optimize for the right purpose; optimize the content for mobile is unlike uploading chunk of contents in the desktop site. In fact, consumer on-the-go prefers light and useful information that seems to appear fast on their screen.

Mobile optimization means giving less information and interacts more. Identify and display only important information such as store opening hours or price of the fish today is a better key interest to mobile researchers than a long paragraph of history. While it is likely that the mobile data transmission is not as reliable as land data transfer, remove memory intensive images and insert more interactivity tool such as ‘Call Us’ or ‘Email Us’ is just as equivalent to not compromising service quality on mobile.

Now is early but no more delay – Everyone is at the talk of going mobile but there is only 20% of these people who actually own a mobile solution – mobile website. Mobile website serves as the basic element of creating a mobile presence in the market just like having a virtual presence on the internet with a desktop website.

In fact, mobile is more than just an aesthetic display of content, features provided in mobile website is evolving quick and business owners need to adapt the new culture now to ride on the expansion of mobile market before one gets too strong to dominate consumers’ interest.

### Special thanks to Derek Ang, the Entrepreneur behind Morces and a leading industry player in the mobile space for sharing his thoughts in the article for ###

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