Sir Richard Branson and His Success

3 Success Strategies of Sir Richard Branson

Iconic to entrepreneurs and business owners from across the world, Sir Richard Branson has not only been a successful entrepreneur with inspiring success stories to share. But rather, he has also come a long way through many business ventures which may not have worked out throughout the years. For an entrepreneur who embraces Risk and the ‘Screw it, Just Do It!’ attitude, he is still doing just that!

The Richard Branson Success No.1 – Going Against the Big Boys!

Sir Richard Branson is renowned for his ‘Get the Big Boys’ attitude where he models his ventures towards serving an underserved segment of the market.

He launched Virgin Atlantic in response towards his rather unfavourable experience on British Airways’ flights and he envisioned the possibilities of allowing his customers to be able to afford cheaper fare deals and afford flights better.

The Success of Sir Richard Branson
The Success of Sir Richard Branson in Creating Virgin Atlantic

Like Virgin Cola (Which was one of his unsuccessful venture), he went up against the giant global brand Coca-Cola in his effort to provide an alternative to the soda drink for consumers.

Even though the marketing onslaught from Coca-Cola managed to break Virgin Cola’s penetration into the mainstream market, entrepreneurs today still admire Sir Richard Branson for his guts to go up against the big boys.

He inspired the belief that everything is possible!

The Richard Branson Success No.2 – Working with the Best Talents and the Best Knowledge 

For Sir Richard Branson, his uncanny ability to select the best talents to work with him, armed with the best industrial insights and market knowledge would prove to be his asset in him launching over 300 brands and companies globally.

For a dropout like Sir Richard Branson, he may have realized that knowledge is disposable and be acquired by recruiting the best talents with the right skills and industry insights to work with him.

Richard Branson Supports Young Talents

For an entrepreneur who believes in poaching, retaining and rewarding the best talents that he could find, Sir Richard Branson often sees his employees as people with talents whom he can coach to grow his companies.

He shares his vision with them, aligns their needed skill sets for the job and acts more like a ‘Coach’ or a ‘Business Guru’ who guides them to achieve their business and personal potentials.

It is not hard to imagine why people would love to work for the iconic ‘Virgin’ brand due to the reputation and growth culture that Sir Richard Branson has built.

The Richard Branson Success No.3 – A Thrill for Adventure and Business Ventures Fueled with Passion

It is hard to imagine how one entrepreneur would risk so much to endeavour into ventures which are out of one’s comfort zones or areas of expertise. For Sir Richard Branson, his passion speaks louder than the critics, which is why you would find this British entrepreneur, venturing into high risk businesses and ventures, which have some attributed towards his success.

Virgin Galactic - Photo courtesy of

His mega project of launching Virgin Galactic based on his imaginations and vision for commercial passengers traveling into outer space may be his most daring feat yet, but when asked about his reasoning, the entrepreneur summed it up as a thrill for Adventure and the Excitement of the Possibilities!

As detailed by in this very inspirational piece about Sir Richard Branson’s pursuits, it is not hard to imagine what spurs this entrepreneur on to undertake his daring business ventures.

By the way, Sir Richard Branson is touring Australia this week, so for those entrepreneurs or professionals, here is your chance to meet the entrepreneur himself!

Sir Richard Branson has used these success strategies in the ways how he founded his businesses and turned them into global brands. Each entrepreneur possess the access towards these 3 strategies.

The only question remains, would one dare to undertake such daring ventures to see their dreams realized as an entrepreneur?

Sir Richard Branson certainly did and has accumulated quite a number of success in doing it too!