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3 Reasons Why Businesses should Already Be on Mobile

Should we go mobile? This is a commonly asked question by many small and medium businesses owners. Statistics shows that the number of users visiting websites using their mobile devices is increasing and experts even predicted that more users will most likely be surfing the web through their mobile devices than on desktop by 2015. With this statistic, it is no doubt that businesses should start jumping on the bandwagon to go mobile.

Here are some reasons on why businesses should be going mobile now!

 1. A flash based website is hard to see on mobile phone if it has not been optimized.

Your regular website will load easily on your PC, as it probably has a fast internet connection and large screen – videos and pictures usually load in seconds.

Now imagine to load the same website with videos and photos on a mobile phone with a 3 “- 6” screen and a slower internet connection. The same images, videos and scripts will take a long time to load, and when they are loaded, the text is difficult to read and the layout may need scrolling in order to fit on the small screen. It is not a good experience for a person who you are trying to entice to spend money, not to mention the impact on the person’s data plan!

Remember, when mobile users are looking for something on your website, they want it now. If it does not load properly, or if they have trouble navigating, they will end up going to a competitor’s site instead.

2.You can attract customers easier.

Google recently did a study that showed that not only mobile marketing helps small businesses to reach their customers; it can also help them get more sales. A survey has established that more than 95 percent of the users search for the local information, and among these, 59% visited the location of the companies they searched for, and 61% actually called the company. In addition, almost 9 out of 10 people acted within 24 hours.

3. Your customers can find you very easily.

The typical person who uses a mobile phone to search the web is someone who is on the move, looking for something within a limited time budget. If your business website is mobile optimized, it will load faster than a standard PC web site and provide relevant information, such as business phone number, address, menu, etc. available at the touch of the screen.

In an easy to navigate mobile website, the probability of your customers acting on your call to action is much higher. They will probably come back to your website again.

So if your company does not have a mobile website, it definitely loses out. Many business owners do not realize that Google has another algorithm for mobile websites. It favors mobile websites with higher rankings. So the companies willing to have better rankings would probably be better off spending less money on a mobile website and this translates into better search engine rankings.

A mobile website is cheap and easy. It gives your customers a better opportunity to find your business easily. A mobile website delivers crucial information such as telephone contact, hours of business and physical location of the company. This definitely keeps you a step ahead of your competitors.

### Special thanks to Derek Ang, the Entrepreneur behind Morces and a leading industry player in the mobile space for sharing his thoughts in the article for ###

Morces is a company that helps small medium businesses go mobile, with a mission to help businesses increase the level of interactivity with their customers through mobile technology. The company has mobilized over 500 + sites with clients spanned from charity organizations to small medium businesses all over the world. Mobilization with Morces is a simple and straightforward process and businesses can go mobile professionally within 24 hours with Morces premium plan.

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