3 Reasons to Choose Entrepreneurship over Employment – Confessions from Young Entrepreneurs

This is a relevant topic especially among fresh graduates, where many would aspire to be entrepreneurs instead of employees. Straight from the confessions of two Malaysian young entrepreneurs in Penang, they take a look at the different perspectives of the youths and young professionals embracing Entrepreneurship over Employment. 

3 Reasons why I chose Entrepreneurship over Employment

Don’t be fooled, no matter which path you choose, you’re bound to hardship, only difference between the two is what lies at the end of the rainbow. In my on-going entrepreneurial journey with Kevin, there are times when I reflect back and wonder why I chose this path at my age. Here’s to all the readers out there who go through this period of reflection as well.

Reason 1: The End of the Rainbow

Many people always relate the end of the rainbow for entrepreneurs as wealth and fame, influenced especially by Hollywood flicks but there’s little truth in that. An entrepreneur’s end of the rainbow is a unique and beautiful thing simply because it can be anything an entrepreneur wants it to be. Every start-up and entrepreneurial venture has and always will be a vision, a dream that we put our hearts and souls into achieving, working hard to better the lives of everyone. This is why I chose entrepreneurship over employment, because instead of working to make other people’s dreams come true, I get to work insanely hard to ensure ours do.

Reason 3: The Dent in the World

“It’s not living forever that matters. It’s living with yourself forever that does.” A direct quote from Captain Teage, father of Captain Jack Sparrow. This quote from Pirates of the Caribbean speaks of the difference between surviving and living life. Many people in this world are simply surviving, struggling against the hardships of the world without contributing back to it. It’s rare that people realise that whether you survive or live in this world is actually a choice, not a fact. So for me, it’s not living forever that matters, because the only way I can live with myself is if I contribute back to this world and make a dent in it, make it so the future generations have something to look forward to. That alone justifies all the hardships our team goes through.

Reason 3: The Rat Race

A rat race is a term commonly used to definite an endless, self-defeating or pointless pursuit, as provided by Wikipedia. Escaping the rat race of life simply means achieving financial freedom and this is what, I believe, motivates almost everyone in this world. But the sad reality is that a lot of people never get the chance to escape from the rat race, academics alone is teaching our young generation to fall into it, making the rat race an inevitability for most. My desire to not fall into the rat race comes mainly from 2 books I have read in my life: “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “I Moved Your Cheese”. Both of which encourages people to escape from rat race or better yet, make sure you don’t fall in it. This serves as a strong motivation for me throughout my on-going entrepreneurial journey.

This article is not the usual how-to or x tips (with x being the number) article but rather a more reflective one. Every entrepreneur will always go through a period in their journey when they have to look back and remind themselves of their motivations and reasons to spur themselves forward even more.