3 Questions Flippa Answer on Trading Websites, Domains, Apps

So you’ve seen lots of buzz around making big bucks on selling and buying domains & websites, but there are still uncertain grounds on how we can really make that happen. Well, a quick and simple interview with Flippa reveals more.

1) Use Flippa to Quit Your Job and Be Your Own Boss

A common question we get at Flippa is ‘how to make money online?’ Well I’ve got some good news – it’s pretty easy! We’ve found a lot of people sell a website they’ve built but no longer have the time or passion to run. Don’t let it go to waste by passing it onto a new, energized owner and make some cash along the way. Buyers on Flippa are looking for online small businesses and websites they could grow, make money off and hopefully quit their job in the process.

Flippa is unique in that digital property bought and sold on our platform runs the gamut of pricing points. Someone might sell a website that is little more than an idea or concept for $200 one minute, the next a premium domain sells for $250,000.

2) How Buyers on Flippa Make Money

Buyers make money on Flippa in the following ways: they purchase an online small business, a passive income website or invest in a premium domain. The online small business is something we love as many buyers grow and expand these and it becomes their main source of income, by using services like Google Adsense, etc. Buyers who are looking for an online small business are from all walks of life, from college students to retirees.

The passive income is perfect for a buyer looking for some extra income. This could allow you to quit a second job, focus on your studies or pay for a great vacation.

Investing in a premium domain might not make you any money in the short run, as it grows in value you can sell it again to an interested party. The domain community is vibrant, exciting and always on the move.

3) How Sellers on Flippa Make Money

We often see two kinds of sellers on Flippa, people looking to make a sale quickly and people who have no idea they are sitting on a digital gold mine. The former is often someone fairly confident on the web, but they need money for a new project or something else. The latter is someone who may have lost interest in their website or online business. But instead of letting it go to waste, they can give it it a second lease on life by selling it on Flippa.

Sellers on Flippa can tap into a unique marketplace that’s not found anywhere else on the web. Sellers can use Flippa with confidence as our established marketplace system means we have an industry leading product. For example you can view buyers feedback and history on Flippa before accepting them as a bidder. This means you only deal with interested buyers and not tyre kickers and time wasters.

Wrapping Up

Flippa is such an exciting place, we love watching websites and business bought on Flippa grow on to be something great. Especially Enabling people to quit their job and be their own boss, or even just help people get some extra cash in their pocket. Now, go and see what’s selling on Flippa now to whet your appetite!

This article is contributed by Tim Cooke. A the digital marketer and content manager at Flippa. Tim has studied politics, journalism, Australian history and Indonesian at Monash University. Tim has a strong interest in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. You can follow Tim on Twitter (@tim_cooke)