3 Most Common Struggles that Entrepreneurs Face When Starting Up

Tales of Startup Success and Struggles have become part of the myth which made Entrepreneurship such an attractive, mysterious and adventurous endeavour for many to pursue. Like many startup successes like Facebook, Groupon, Apple and Microsoft, all of these start-ups once started off from humble beginnings and have grown to their might of today, after their respective founders and entrepreneurs learnt to overcome their struggles faced during their initial stages of business. 

Like Apple founders, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Pictured below), they were struggling to convince both funders and large clients about the feasibility of producing personalized computers for home-users. One could imagine, if they have failed or have given up, we would not be able to enjoy the Apple Mac or iPhone or iPad which the world celebrates as high-demand consumer products now.


Steve Jibs and Steve Wozniak started off in a garage and later grew Apple into a global company with a span of products and intellectual properties worth billions.

These are the 3 Most Common Struggles that Entrepreneurs would Likely Face when They first Start Up their Business

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