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3 Main Advice from a Property Solutions Entrepreneur to Entrepreneurs Out There – Part 4

The Start-Up Entrepreneur Series in collaboration with and This Week In Asia, aims to inspire a new breed of Generation-Y entrepreneurs, showcasing success stories of entrepreneurs in the region who have succeeded despite their young age. We take a look at, Boxyroom, a startup based in Singapore who is ‘Matchmaking Tenants with Overseas Property Rentals.’ What would be your 3 main advice that you would offer to entrepreneurs who want to start up today?

  • Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Holding onto a job you don’t enjoy is simply torture.
  • Stay focus and disciplined. Know what you want to achieve and do whatever it takes to get there
  • Keep things simple. Your customers will appreciate it.

If you have a wishlist, what would you want Governments or the Private Sectors to do, to assist businesses like yours? Just any wish and why?

A young start up like me needs cash to grow. If the government or private sector can offer small interest-free loans for seed capital, the entire business community will benefit. Amounts ranging from $10,000 to $50,000 would greatly help start ups to prove their concepts.


### Special thanks to This Week in Asia as our supporting partner in bringing to us, the Start-Up Entrepreneur Interview Series ###

About The Start-Up Entrepreneur:

The Entrepreneur’ is a firm believer of keeping things simple and lives by the mantra that “life is simple until we complicate it”. Our lives have become so complicated that with time, we have gotten used to it. If we can eliminate unnecessary complexity and stress of our daily lives, the world will be a happier and healthier place to live in. He also believes in doing one thing exceptionally well, rather than doing many things reasonable well.

About The Start-Up:

Boxyroom is the matchmaker for overseas property rentals. It is a rental property marketplace where tenants and landlords communicate and transacts with one another, peer-to-peer. We help landlords and tenants to kick-start the rental process, just like a dating agency. Once the match is made, that is a landlord has accepted a suitable tenant who subsequently pays a one-month deposit, the parties are free to develop the ‘relationship’ further. The key feature of Boxyroom is that tenants can reserve their rental property safely by paying a deposit through Boxyroom, and not directly to the landlord. This mitigates risk of fake landlord running away with the deposit.