3 lessons that I have learned from Youth Jam

Here goes a story about Youth Jam and Jazzada Solution. I founded this company with my partner Ada Ho which is also born in 1990. This company was established in line with the objectives to cultivate Penang Youths with creativity skills, developing positive changes in the mindset that youths have what it takes to go global. Introducing creative mega youth projects, ‘never-done-before’ ideas, having the ‘we-do-not-copy, we-ImProViSe’ concept, showering youths with knowledge. Here are some of the lesson learn from organizing one of the largest youth event in Penang.


When I first started Youth Jam, I remembered that I was only 19 years old. When I had the idea of running this project, many told me that I was crazy. Fairly enough my age did not side me nor my financial roots. I had only a few hundred ringgit in pocket but a big dream in mind. After all the hassle and bustle gearing up youth volunteers, talking to brands, getting sponsorships and tied down government agencies and schools to work with me on this event, finally the outcome was superbly fruitful. So the lesson that I learned from organizing Youth Jam is that, despite of being young at age do not let it be an obstacle to you. Go for what ever you can think of and put that into action. After all, actions speak louder than words eh? *winks


During the meetings with cooperate brands, I faced faces that goes like, “What on earth does this kid thinks she is doing?” or “Ahmm, am I in the wrong meeting room?”. Well, things like that happens frequently to me. Reality check, who would put faith on a young person with no experiences at all? But the lesson here is to never stop knocking on doors. Seek for every opportunity that is and are available. You will never know until you try ! Finally, Youth Jam’09 secured large sponsorships with Telecom Malaysia and Youth Jam’10 secured larger sponsorships with DiGi Telecommunications.


Usually when you come to a stage from people calling you “crazy” to ” I want to work with you”, this is when you have to be careful. It is just human’s nature to seek for benefits. So, be smart and not let people use you and divert you from your objectives. Create a win-win solution instead of agreeing upon their terms. Usually when things like that kicks in, let your instinct take over.

4 thoughts on “3 lessons that I have learned from Youth Jam”

  1. Its great to see what youth can do these days. I wished I was more adventurous few years back LoL..

    Great blog post! It always believe it start with ourself –> action(just do it) –> opportunities.
    I've seen people that had opportunities knocking in front of them but they have ignored it or didn't want to do anything.

    Nothing much to comment rather than keep up the great work and continue with what you're doing.

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