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3 Lessons Learned from TEDGlobal 2012

In the midst of organizing TEDxKL, I recently had the opportunity to attend at TEDGlobal in Edinburgh. It been a whole week of crazy ideas having sex and meeting people who are changing the world in ways you can’t imagine. I mean, I was hanging out with people who invited ground break technologies, Grammy Award winning musician and people who created multi billion dollars empires, I felt something was amidst. I was out of place. I am just a boy from a small town in Malaysia and I felt that I was transplanted to an arena of giants.

I took courage and try to absorb as many ideas I could from all these wonderful people and here are some of them.

Youtube is a great leveler.
Stop complaining of lack of opportunity to learn. There are so many talented musician using Youtube to learn. These internet natives, seek the web to find examples they can emulate. They learn cords, how to play and also learn style. This does not only apply to music but various areas in life like business, games etc.

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Don’t fake it to you make it. Fake it to you BECOME it.
Little hacks in our physiology will make a lot of different in your life. Assume power poses like Superman or Wonder Women about 2 minutes before a meeting or presentation, it will cause you to be more confident. Do it enough, you practice enough, you will become instead pretend. There is a TED talk which comes with this point and I will post it up when it is available.
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They are just like you but the more you meet them, the more you learn.
As I mentioned earlier, I felt I was displaced to another world. After spending time with all these amazing people, I not only found out they are more amazing than I thought, but they are also similar like you and I. Learn to enjoy to moment and know that everyone successful, have to start from somewhere and that somewhere can be just like where you are.
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I guess in the end the more you experience the more you will learn. With all the fantastic experiences from TEDGlobal 2012, it inspires me to push TEDxKL to a higher level. I hope to make it into a place where we all can experience ideas having sex and multiply to something greater.

I hope you can join me at this up coming TEDxKL on the 14th of July. Sign up now at