3 Items that Entrepreneurs can Use to Master Communication in Leadership

I started learning about business from home. Fortunately for me, growing up in business environment has taught me things that I could not learn from school. (The following is a special guest article from Entrepreneurs.my highlighting the 3 Items that the author used to trigger his inspirations to Become and Sustain his Passion to Learn Entrepreneurship and Become an Entrepreneur Today).

It has not been easy though. It took me a while to look at how lucky I have been. Growing up, all I wanted was to have normal life. Normal life to me back when I was a little boy was not a lot. I grew up in a shop lot.

Normal was to have a garden or place I can run around. Growing up while I was a boy, I witnessed things that probably not a lot of children my age see. I started seeing the meaning of hard work. I used to fall asleep on the couch waiting for my parents to clean up and close down the business. That would be like 11pm or midnight. I used to hate the nights when my parents had a lot of customers. I didn’t know that it was a good thing.

Looking back now, I think I am quite lucky. All the “abnormal” childhood I had prepared me to be the person I am today. One of the thing I learned when I was younger was communication. I grew up as the boy in the corner with a book and thick square glasses. So communication was probably one of the things that I did not quite excel in. Then one day, I learned from my father that there are two types of communication. One is external and one is internal.

In business at the moment, I think one of the most important things to master as an entrepreneur. Not only must an entrepreneur be able to know how to communicate with people around him. He must also know how to communicate with himself. The things that we tell ourselves are one of the most important things in life.

I believe most people do this subconsciously. The problem with that would be that we don’t really know what we tell ourselves. Are the things that we tell ourselves destructive or constructive? Does it make us feel more motivated or does it actually demotivate us.

Too many people talk about the best ways to communicate with the customer, or with the co-founders or with the investors. I read many websites talking about how a leader must be a good communicator. I believe to be a good leader the one of the most important thing is to learn how to lead by example.

This is where internal communication becomes crucial. Although we don’t realize it, I learned that we can start to train ourselves to be aware of it. Once we are aware of the things that we tell ourselves then we can slowly choose and substitute it with things that are helping ourselves be more constructive and motivated.

So here are things that I do to help my internal communication:

  • Books

Books help me learn the words that successful people use. I usually read them before the night ends and early in the morning. I don’t use bookmark so that I can go through the pages and the words again.

  • News

I select the news that I want to read. We now have the luxury of being able to select things that we read. So it is not all about crime and robbery every day. The only section I read in the newspaper is probably the comic section.

  • Songs

Being a music fan, I used to sleep with the radio on. I have stopped doing that just for a simple reason that when I sleep it is easier for things to go to my subconscious and I have no idea what kind of songs are being played in the radio.

These are just few basic things that I do, then again live is all about choices. Why else would we want to become entrepreneurs if not because of the luxury of being able to choose what we read and see and listen.