2nd Annual Business Process Improvement & Transformation Conference to Hit Kuala Lumpur

2nd Annual Business Process Improvement & Transformation will be taking place from the 25th – 27th of February 2013 at JW Marriot Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Organised by marcus evans, this event will focus on the key elements that drive the success mainly the Processes, People and Technology.

Today, companies increasingly have to deal with various emerging socioeconomic complexities in order to remain sustainable. Against this volatile landscape, a key benchmark for companies remains how competitive they can become to ensure business continuity and continue to be sustainable in the marketplace.

One of the important factors in order to achieve competitiveness is productivity, which directly translates to having the ability to be innovative and taking the innovation journey!


With this in mind, it is empirical that business embarks on the path that captures business process reengineering and enhancement of knowledge and skills within a clear and concise strategy. It is no longer a case of purely making optimal use of existing resources; but rather an emphasis on being customer driven and having this end result in mind when constructing futuristic process improvement and transformation plans.

This tailor made conference will take one through the various facets of business process improvement – from strategic development, to its execution and monitoring; from focusing on being customer centric, to change implementation and people management.

This conference will then present a unique blend of case studies, expert insights, round tables and panel discussions purely geared towards helping one to re-construct one’s business from the ground up!

This event is proudly endorsed and accredited by the Chartered Association of Business Administrator (CABA), Professional Managers Association (PMA) and International Federation of Professional Managers (IFPM) with 8 CPD points per day from each association

Please contact Ms. Jascinta Ling at [email protected] for more event information.