Barcamp Penang 2014 Featured

2014 BarCamp Penang is back!

BarCamp Penang- Malaysia’s best known Unconference.

As a follow up to last years successful Barcamp, BarCamp Penang organisers and its myriad of community volunteers has announced the much anticipated Unconference of the year — Barcamp Penang 2014. This year’s official theme is Entrepreneurship and will be held at INTI International College, on Saturday, 17th of May 2014.

An unconference, Barcamps are an international network of ad-hoc, user generated conference meetings where attendees determine what will be presented. Breaking free from the traditional conference mold, it is always an interesting and unique learning experience for all who attend.

While the desire to keep learning keeps heart of Barcamps around the world going – participation, community voting keeps blood pumping through its veins. The message wall with Post It Notes in which all participant-speakers put up their names and topics, allows anyone to speak.

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Sharings becomes alive via voting on topics which may cover interesting experiences, discussions about new novel ways of doing things, localised ideas that people find relevant. The fun comes from the interactions that occurs from participants coming from different backgrounds and levels on an open platform – an aspect less underscored by traditional conferences.

“We are glad to be able to organise the casino 5th Barcamp here in my beloved hometown Penang. It is my hope that Barcamp will be able to bring startups together with traditional and new entrepreneurs and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs – one that is true to ourselves as Malaysians.” – Vivien Ooi, BarCamp Penang 2014 Chairperson.

This year, the iOS & Android apps are back to further act as social catalysts for participation and networking especially for those who are new and unfamiliar. A new addition to the app family this year is the Windows phone app. In the spirit of openness, the source codes are also open sourced and shared back to the community.

Barcamp sharing

Barcamp participation is open to students, software developers, social media practitioners, small business owners, entrepreneurs, tech startups, journalists, hobbyists or anyone who is interested to share – all adhering to the Barcamp rules listed on the website. Realising some of the most well known Internet startups or it founders has its roots in Penang, the organisers have also invited several well known local & international entrepreneurs to participate to further catalyse sharing and discussions.

For more information about BARCAMP PENANG 2014, getting there, updates and rules, please visit . Registration is officially open.