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20 Essential Tips for Creating an Awesome Facebook Page

Facebook pages are a great way to connect and engage with audiences. However, with over 54 million Facebook pages currently online, it is important to be able to set yourself apart from the masses and effectively reach the, over 1.3 billion, people currently active on the world’s largest online social network. 

Below are 20 essential tips that will help you create a more awesome Facebook page and connect better with your fans.  

About Me

The first and most important part of your Facebook page is your About Me. Before moving on to anything else, ensure that you have filled in all the essential information about your brand and business. Such information includes: 

About Me (Company Overview, Mission) 



Contact Number 

Working Hours 

That said, to add a bit more sizzle to your steak, add a photo album that is company focused. Behind-the-scenes photos are a good way to enhance brand credibility and will help your audience but a face to the brand.

Cover Photo 

First impressions count. It is important to remember that the Cover Photo is the first thing people notice when they visit your Facebook page. It is also the largest piece of (visual) real estate you have. Changing your cover photo can instantly give your Facebook page a whole new look. Furthermore, it sets the tone for the whole page. 

Other added benefits to the prominence of your cover photo are that you can change if regularly to suit multiple occasions. These include: 

Promoting a festive holiday or seasonal event 

Displaying new products / new arrivals 

Thanking your fans 

Advertising new deals and special promotions 

Creating awareness 

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Profile Photo 

Just like your Cover Photo, your Profile Photo creates an impression on people that are both fans of your page and not. Ensure that the photo is a clear and easily recognizable representation of your company. 

Ideally, you’d like someone to be able to recognise it is a post from you or your brand without having to look at the name next to the little square box. 


The first step to engaging your users is to keep the conversations going between the both of you. Great ways of engagement include, answering as many questions as you can, reply as many comments as you can, chatting with your fans in the comment section. This keeps your brand human and more approachable to current and new fans. 

Building Quality Interaction And Trust 

It’s not always about quantity, it’s about quality. Word of mouth is a proven method of great and effective advertising. You are more likely to use a product recommended by a trusted friend that one you saw in a passing advertisements/post. By engaging with your fans, you are building a bond with your audience that will likely lead to organic spreading of your message. 

A good way to build quality interaction is to let your audience know you are listening to them. Ask questions and let your fans voice their comments and opinions. Asking them to engage with you on a personal level and share memories or stories will lead to a more trusting relationship. 

Visual Aids

In this age of constant data overflow, images are the best way to capture a user’s attention. Photos get up to 39% more interactions and physically they take up more space on the news feed thus having a higher potential for engagement than a text post. 

Variety Is Key

Social media is like a friendship – it has to go both ways for it to grow and be sustainable. The relationship you have with your fans should be the same. A nurturing relationship will lead each party to be the best version of themselves. Show your fans you care about the information you provide, and they will in turn show you they care about your brand. 

Create great content for your page that are interesting to your audience but still in line with your brand category. Post different articles, polls, videos, links, images and opinions from a variety of sources to stay relevant and diverse to your audience. Because you do not want to be the brand that is only talking about itself. This will drive your fans away and your social media presence will definitely take a hit. 

It is helpful to build a content calendar to make sure you can strike a balance between interesting diverse material and original company material.

Stay Focused

Be concise, clear and to the point. Do not post content that is long winded, beats around the bush or too long that even you won’t read it a second time. Value your users’ time and they will value you. 

DO NOT Over Post 

But at the same time DO NOT under post. According to social media experts, the ideal number of posts for a single day is between 2 to 4. Always keep your audience in mind when creating your social media content strategy. Get to know your audience and post content that is relevant to them at a speed that is effective for them. Do not spam your users’ newsfeed as that will lead to a high possibility of them unfollowing your page. 

Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy

Do not give your users a reason to dislike or hate you. Especially in today’s digital age, it is incredibly easy for a lie to come undone. Social media channels that have negative backlash are very hard to bounce back from. Be honest and up front with your users. They will appreciate you for it. 

Be A Constant

Your users liked your page because they want to be informed about your activity. Make sure your page is constantly updated at a consistent speed. Do not have a lull in your content. The most successful Facebook pages have clear content strategies that do not involve only posting once a fortnight or, alternatively, 10 times in a day followed by 1 the next day. 

Consistency will keep your followers engaged and aware of your presence. 

Moderation Is Key 

It is alright to delete spam posts that appear on your page BUT deleting negative comments will only lead to more negative comments. Instead, approach the source of the negative comments and find a way to rectify it. Perhaps it was just a minor misunderstanding or a hurt customer – whatever it is, approaching the comment to clarify, explain or apologise will only make your page appear more human and thus more appealing. 

Be In The Loop 

Facebook is a social network that is constantly evolving. Make sure you are constantly updated with its changes and how they affect your page. By staying on top of these changes, you are able to ensure your page adapts to them and continues to stay relevant to your fans. 

Do Not Become A Robot 

There are many Facebook pages that update their content using 3rd party tools such as RSS feeds or twitter updates. It is important for you to post content on all your social media pages organically. This allows you to stay engaged with your fans and tailor your content to suit each platform effectively. 

The Grammar Police Rule The Internet

Make a good impression to your users by always proof reading your content before posting them up. Grammatically incorrect and illiterate posts are bad impressions that can be easily avoided. 

Facebook Insights 

Facebook Insights is an excellent tool you can use to get to know your audience better. The metrics provided by the tool allow you to better plan your content strategy by showing you the bests times for postings on Facebook, Audience engagement, what time of content your audience is best engaging with, etc. 

Little Drops Of Water Make A Mighty Ocean

Make sure you value each organic like as it is important for the growth of your page. Fans who engage with your content are the ones that matter and the more organic likes your get, the higher your rank will be on Edge Rank. 

Your Edge Rank ranking matters as this is what determines how often your content appears on individual newsfeeds and thus will help expand your page reach. 

Facebook Ads 

USE IT. Facebook Ads help your increase your audience reach by giving you a multitude of ad options alongside helping you target the right users that are more likely to engage with your brand. Below is a more in-depth article on how to use facebook ads effectively and efficiently.

Call To Action 

Have a clear call to action with your posts. State clearly what you want people to do & give them a compelling reason to take action — especially if you’re trying to drive traffic to your website. 

Mobile Is The Future

Do not forget your mobile users. Hundreds of millions of Facebook users only access their account from the mobile device. It is important to ensure that your content is developed with them in mind by keeping posts visual, focused, easy to engage with while on the move and that links are mobile friendly. 

Here’s a quick recap on the 20 tips you can use to make your Facebook page more awesome. 

About Me – Comprehensive 

Cover Photo – Biggest (visual) real estate 

Profile Photo – Easily recognizable 

Conversation – Engaging 

Building Quality Interaction And Trust – Listen 

Visual Aids – Higher interactions 

Variety Is Key – Diversify your content 

Stay Focused – Concise, clear and to the point 

Do Not Over Post – But do not under post either  

Honesty Is Always The Best Policy – Be upfront and sincere with your fans 

Be A Constant – Fans want to know what you are up to

Moderation Is Key – Find solutions. Do not sweep problems under the rug

Be In The Loop – Stay informed about platform changes 

Do Not Become A Robot – Tailor your content to each social media platform 

The Grammar Police Rule The Internet – Proof read before posting 

Facebook Insights – Use the tools given 

Little Drops Of Water Make A Mighty Ocean – Appreciate your fans 

Facebook Ads – Target the right people

Call To Action – Driving traffic effectively 

Mobile Is The Future – Develop content that is compatible

Apply these tips and you are sure to make a more positive social media impression in terms of both audience and growth. 

Happy Facebook-ing. 

Do you have any advice or tips to add? Let us know in the comments below. 

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