20 Apps & Services Which would Catapult Your Startup Success!

Most of the world’s largest companies today are founded by young entrepreneurs (Like Mark Zuckerberg of and Tony of Zappos) on the global web. The creation of WiFi, broadband, the IPhone, the Ultrabook, laptops and smart gadgets have allowed businesses to take their operations and management up into the ‘Cloud.’ However, for any entrepreneur who is wanting to start out, what tools would they need to quickly launch their presence in the market?Credits and thanks to GIST, a global think-tank for entrepreneurs who conducted a research on the Most Used and Wanted 20 Apps online that all entrepreneurs should be aware of and use to quickly launch their businesses into the market place.

These Apps are mostly very affordable (Some even FREE to use) and are downloadable by nature, and can be used on various platforms and devices, ensuring that you would always stay connected with your business, no matter where you are!