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2 Law of Attraction Principles that Entrepreneurs especially Young Entrepreneurs Should Have

Reprogramming your mindset towards entrepreneurial success is essential for entrepreneurs, especially Young entrepreneurs to succeed. As our guest writers, two young entrepreneurs from Penang have discovered, when the challenges get tough, the principles of Law of Attraction applies to your business growth and in launching your venture to the next level, or even surviving the crunch times.

Entrepreneurship. A sexy term commonly associated with wealth, power and all the good stuff. However, the start-up phase is the total opposite from what people would normally expect. Expect failures, fear, rejection, loneliness (sometimes, as you are too busy in building your business leaving little time for your family and friends) instead. Not many can stand by their ideas, persevere and pivot accordingly to build their vision. But we learned that if you do, you are another step closer. It will be worth it and people understand eventually.

The problem with starting a business at our age is that, you do not gain a lot of support. Yes, the world is cruel sometimes. There were tough times that required us to stay tough and make tough decisions. But it trained us to be able to withstand more criticisms and showed how being positive can make all the difference.

Stay positive, always think that things are gonna get better.

I am a huge advocate of staying positive, as I believe when people starts thinking too much about the negative, bad things happen. On the other hand, if we stay positive no matter how difficult the situation is, great things will happen, eventually. We have been through lots of tough times, but we persevered and remained positive, and good things just happened!

Here are a few tips to stay positive:

  •  Remember your vision, what you believed in.

I guess the one thing present in every entrepreneur is the strong desire to reap the reward. The reward is not the money. But the feeling of building something revolutionary, something big, and creating jobs in the process. That kind of satisfaction cannot be bought. There will be people that try to take you down, so we have an option to give up, or to fight hard. Nicholas and I chose the latter. Simply because of the desire to make a vision become reality. Remember, and embrace it.

  •  It is HARD to do it ALONE, be friends with positive people.

At this stage, making friends with positive people is the only way to keep you thinking “I’m not crazy. This is not impossible.” We are lucky to have an insanely positive team and friends who think positive.

Just last Thursday, we received the chance to attend the Technopreneurs Open Day in Technology Park Malaysia organized by MAD Incubator, when Andrew Wong, the founder of MAD Incubator invited us to join the event. We went with a friend, Ray, who is the founder of Frambie. His story can be found here. We met some amazing people, those that are truly passionate about what they are doing. We enjoyed sharing our ideas and just talking to them.

The Scariest Moments being a Young Entrepreneur – Enter, The Pitch!

During the event, Andrew asked the crowd who would like to share their startups on stage. Truth be told, I hesitated for a moment, as I was obviously not well prepared for a elevator pitch (learned a lesson!). But Ray immediately said to me, ‘Let’s go!’. So the two of us quickly volunteered and we were the lucky two selected to pitch to the crowd. The experience was marvelous. Thanks to Ray! A little bit of proof of how surrounding yourself with positive people can give us courage and cast off our fears, and good things happen, every time!

Nicholas and I believe entrepreneurship is a long learning process. We learn from friends, mentors, people we admire, and grow from time to time. We have been really lucky, having met so many friends that support us in what we do. Thank you, and we will continue to surround ourselves with positive people, so that we can strive to improve. Nicholas will share more on what we think are the Top 5 Lessons that Young Entrepreneurs must Learn (and Fast!) in another upcoming article! It is from our experience that we have to learn fast, and we are still learning.