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10 Sure Strategies for Entrepreneurs to Raise Funding for their Business

Money, Seed Funding, Venture Capital Fund, Loans from Banks, Borrowing from Parents, Friends and ‘Fools’ – All these financial and monetary terms colour the vocabulary of any entrepreneur starting up. Here are 10 Strategies that Entrepreneurs can Use to Raise More Funding to Get their Businesses off the ground and begin their celebrated entrepreneurial journey!

Inspired by Sir Richard Branson, whose books and stories have detailed how the entrepreneur used to struggle to raise capital for his earlier ventures in the music industry, to the day he founded his own financial institution in Virgin Money, Sir Richard Branson is the symbolic representing of an entrepreneur who has managed to raise the needed capital and finances to ensure the survival of his businesses and then growing them to make profits and be sustainable.


Prepared by Funds and Founders, this infographic tells the Best Strategies that Entrepreneurs can Use to Raise Funds for their Business During those Crucial Startup Years


Infographic - 10 Steps to Raise Money for Your Startup