Most adverts don't work

10 Simple Ways Your Advertisement Could Stand Out Just Right


Designing an advertisement to capture anyone’s eyes can really be a tough job and really most of tough part come from the different perspectives that one has. How one listens to an opinion deters well in most others’ beliefs. A positive design in one country may be negatively seen in another. Bizarre!

Here’s a talk that discusses about how perspective is really everything when dealing with designing anything.

Now back to some simple ideas to designing your brilliant advertisement, 10 practices that could just make your advertisement stand out right.

1. Be single-minded. De-clutter and focus on one proposition (key message). Avoid repetitive, meaningless phrases that make you redundant

2. Execute your message in an unexpected manner. Craftsmanship is key. Be a wordsmith. Catchy lines make ads memorable

3. There are no hard and fast rules in using short or long copy to explain your product. As long as you give it a kickass art direction, it will fly.

4. Use the power of imagery to deliver your message. Make it high definition if possible. Remember, a great picture speaks a thousand words

5. Don’t beat around the bush. Focus on what makes you distinct from other similar products and say why. Give compelling reasons why consumers would believe you.

6. Be original. Don’t be a clone. Don’t parrot what competition is already doing.

7. Don’t over-explain that you sound like a broken record.

8. Be definitive on who you are talking to. Don’t talk down that you may offend. Talk real based on consumer insights.

9. Plan weeks ahead and know when and where your targets are most receptive to your ad campaign.

10. Make sure all things mentioned above take effect today and the rest will follow.

A little more about un-cluttered advertising being effective where these points originate, read here.