Freelancer or Entrepreneur

10 Must Know Signs to Know IF You are a Freelancer or an Entrepreneur

Aspiring entrepreneurs when they first start out, may think that they are on their way to run a full-fledge business, dealing with employees interest, accounting and auditing processes and working their path towards growing a profitable and sustainable business. However, often times, Entrepreneurs of today may fall into the category of becoming a Freelancer instead, if they do not know how to differentiate their daily lives of Running a Business, to Doing Things Independently Their Way.

For aspiring entrepreneurs here is a list of 10 Signs that All Aspiring Entrepreneurs should know about Differentiating Themselves from being Freelancers, to becoming Entrepreneurs and on their Journey to Build a Profitable and Sustainable Business Entity. 

Sir Richard Branson, founder and chairman of the Virgin Group

Of course, being Freelancers would have a whole set of benefits associated with the job, like Flexibility of Work and Time, Less Attachments to Employee Matters and the Ease of Switching between Businesses at Ease.


Infographic - 10 Signs to Know If You are a Freelancer or an Entrepreneur