Bursa Malaysia CEO Sharing Lessons on Leadership

10 Leadership lessons by CEO of Bursa Malaysia

In collaboration with Bursa Malaysia, members of the Young Corporate Malaysians were specially invited to a Buka Puasa with Dato Tajuddin Atan, CEO of Bursa Malaysia, on Wednesday the 16th of July 2014. Below are 10 Leadership lessons at the Bursa Listing Gallery.
1. Acquire and develop knowledge and skills in your chosen skills. Understand how systems, structures and standard operating procedures of work.

Lesson: once you have chosen specific field, practice what Malcom Gladwell popularized as the 10,000-hour rule. Spending enough time on a specific skill will get you somewhere.

2. Be the expert. Mediocre doesn’t make the cut to success. Regardless of colour creed and gender, you need to be the best.

Lesson: Robert Greene is his book entitled Mastery shared about how there are universal ingredients and traits in the part to mastery. A major part of it is becoming an expert in something.

3. There is no shortcut to success. In one organisation, how may CEOs can there be? there can only be one. You have to work hard.

Lesson: Dato’ Tajuddin was clear that he had to work hard and at time even slept at office to get a piece of work done. There is no shortcut and he was CEO of 5 organisations because of his grit and determination.
4. Analyse your circumstances and environment. He made a career decision to stay when he bosses left. This opened up opportunities for him.

Lesson: There is power in understanding your environment. During the good times when the market was up, a lot of people in the treasury team decide to venture on their own but Dato’ Tajuddin decided to stay on and it was one of the best career decisions he has made.
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5. Continue to reinvent yourself. Make calculated move and size the moment. “Download” – read books, meet people and learn!

Lesson: The Lean Start Up movement shared about the idea of pivot. You can apply to yourself and work on improving by learning and to see how to develop a better you.

6. Perseverance and single-minded focus in meeting your objective. Plan, execute and follow through. Don’t leave things to chance.

Lesson: As former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill once said, ‘Never, Never, Never Give Up.’ Success comes once you have that laser focus and execute on it. You can control where you are heading.

7. Pressure is part and parcel of the game. Learn to manage and deal with it. Learn to pick yourself up.

Lesson: Pressure allows you to work at peak performance. Dato’ Tajuddin shared about how competition leads to efficiency, He encourages the young working adults to leverage of pressure to get better at what they do.

8. Brain Power “70:30” to “30:70” (from structured vs unstructured). You start to use more brainpower as you climb the career ladder. So you think you are smart? Think again because everybody is smart!

Lesson: As you climb the ranks in the corporate ladder, you move from a technical person (from structured thinking) to a management person (to less structured thinking), don’t forget to remember that a transition like that is crucial lest you don’t grow in your career.

9. Mentoring and networking. Do it personally and professionally. Believe you me, it is exceedingly important.

Lesson: Connect with people, in this borderless platform you can connect with literally anyone with internet access. Here are Top 12 Star Entrepreneurs that You should Connect with for Business Success.

10. It’s all about timing. Opportunity presents itself, and when it does, think and use the skill sets that you have acquired to make a good decision.

Lesson: Opportunities knock a few times in your life, Dato’ Tajuddin received an opportunity to work in New York at 27 years old and he landed just in time for Black Monday (when stock markets around the world crashed) in 1987. That was a milestone in his life experiencing the ups and downs but he was glad to have taken up opportunities, which presented itself.

Dato’ Tajuddin summed it with the quote, “Cogito Ergo Sum” ~ René Descartes (I think therefore I am). Everyone is capable of being who they are, the key to success is to know where you want to head and set sail!

Jason Lee is an International Graduate, Standard Chartered Bank graduate programme. As a Gen Y in corporate world, he believes that there is an abundance of opportunities to be entrepreneurial wherever we operate. Connect with him @jasonleecj on Twitter.