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10 Biggest Franchise Business Industries (Trends in the USA for 2010) for Asian Entrepreneurs

The most successful franchises are often looked and hunted upon by savvy entrepreneurs overseas, in order to be brought back to their respective local markets. Trends and research done in the United States, among its 100 million strong consumer markets on booming franchise industries and sectors would offer insights into Asian entrepreneurs who are quick to learn and adopt successful franchises abroad that can be done for their home markets.

A classic example of a Malaysian success story in the Asian context, would billionaire tycoon and philanthropist, Mr. Vincent Tan whose business empire РBerjaya Group, owns the master-franchising rights to brands like Starbucks,  Borders (Bookstores), 7-Eleven chain of stores, Singer (Electrical-focused stores) and many others.

berjaya group

Mr. Vincent Tan, renowned as being one of Malaysia and Asia’s most celebrated business tycoon and entrepreneur has carefully crafted his business empire to focus its strategies on bringing successful brands from overseas into the Asian markets.


Recognizing the benefits of having a proven business and operations system and a brand that the consumers could relate to (Often when the brand becomes a success in its overseas markets), Berjaya Group’s massive business empire is an example of how local companies and entrepreneurs can grow their businesses without the need to reinvent the wheel.

Picked from The Franchise Revolution article, here are 10 of the Biggest Franchise Business Industries (Trends in the USA for 2010) For Asian Entrepreneurs

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