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10 Benefits to Attend 2 Expos Happening for Entrepreneurs and Businesses in Malaysia

With the HR Technology Showcase event and the All Things Software Showcase happening at the same time in October, you can be sure that startups and businesses would have a shopping spree in securing themselves with the best deals of resources and solutions to help propel their businesses forward. 

Today, we have a chat with the organising team behind both conferences to gauge their experience on the benefits for businesses, startups or just entrepreneurs to visit the expo site and how can they maximize their business reach there, even though, they may not be in for the hot deals alone.

Both events and expos are happening in the Putra World Trade Centre from the 4th to the 5th of October.

What are the benefits of visiting ATS 2012?

All Things Software 2012 allows buyers and trade visitors to:

  • Discover and evaluate the most innovative products and services

This would allow relevant departments in their companies to prepare a more effective Purchasing plan. Buyers or visitors would tend to get information about Up-to-date softwares for various industries (specifically Business Processes & Sectoral Solutions Zone, Banking & Financial, & Tech Startup). This is the best time for buyers to get as much relevant information for their companies’ buying prospect and know what solutions suit them best.

  • Make the best decisions for your organization

Both platforms would allow buyers to do some Research and Comparison between the deals which have been offered.  Buyers would tend to Opt for the latest software from qualified and top brand names during their purchase decisions.

  • Run through demonstrations and displays from the industry leading brands

Buyers and visitors alike would also be absorbed into a Learning + Education atmosphere. They would be able to observe and put themselves ahead of others in the software application knowledge. this is crucial and it runs inline with the themes of both conferences, to provide knowledge and exposure for companies’ buyers to make the best decisions for their business solutions needs.

  • Communicate directly with experienced and trusted marketers and consultants

The essence of any expo to an experienced buyer or entrepreneur is the value gained from Networking with the experts. Buyers and sellers are put into a focused platform to Exchange useful and valuable knowledge on software related information from professionals.

  • Develop new partnerships and investments

Entrepreneurs can Mingle with top players in the software industry and form new partnerships and investments, that would be most beneficial for the company.

Who should visit?


Manufacturers & FMCG Producers, Automotive, Shipping & Transportation Management, Banking, Financial & Insurance Institutions, Publishing House, Creative & Media Agencies and Educational Institutions, Software Distributors, Channel Partners and IT Consulting Firms, Hoteliers, Travel Agencies & Tourism Organizations, Architectures Firms, Construction & Real Estate Developers, Energy, Oil & Gas Industrialists, Telecommunication Providers, Healthcare & Wellness Operators, F&B and Hypermart Operators, Retailers, Government Agencies & SMEs, Aviation, Defence & Security Providers.

Job titles:

Information Systems Managers, Departmental & Management Executives, Software Development Managers, Computer, Software, Electronic and Industry Engineers, Purchasing Managers, Executives, Creative Designers, C Level Executives.


What are the benefits of visiting HR Technology Showcase 2012?

HR Technology Showcase 2012 allows buyers and visitors to:

  • See what’s new, and run through demonstrations and displays from over 80 leading brands

HR managers or entrepreneurs looking for best solutions to manage their staffing needs can benefit from the Learning and Education fields in the expo where they can Examine the range of products and services, and be ahead of others in the application of new technologies in the field of Human Resource development.

  • Your chance to evaluate products and services that fits your organization best

Entrepreneurs can Research and do Comparisons of available solutions in the industry. They can Analyze and opt for the most adaptive HR technology for their organisations’ requirements and needs.

  • Get to know who’s who in the industry while identifying representatives and develop new partnerships and investments

Get together with well-known HR technology development companies, practitioners and consultants, and have the chance to form partnerships or make new investments.

  • Your opportunities to network with industry colleagues

Get Networking: Be acquainted with other industry colleagues such as Chief Executive Officers, Chief Finance Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Talent Officers, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors of HR Disciplines, Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Distributors and Consultants.

Who should visit?


Absence, FMLA and Leave Automation Assessment, Human Capital Management, Business Intelligence, Integrated Talent Management, Compensation and Benefits Planning, Learning Management, Training and Development, Competency and Performance Management, Payroll Processing, Services and Software, Compliance, Portals and Social Media, Consulting, Screening, Recruitment and Relocation, Core HRMS, Succession Planning, Employee and Manager Self-Service, Testing and Surveys, Employee Communications, Time and Attendance Systems, Employment Systems and Services, Workforce Analytics, Employee Relations, Workforce Management, HR Outsourcing, Workforce Planning, and HR Specialty Systems.


Chief Executive Officers, Chief Finance Officers, Chief Operating Officers, Chief Talent Officers, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors of HR Disciplines, Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers, Distributors and Consultants.

### Special thanks to the Organisers for the All Things Software 2012 and HR Technology Showcase 2012 Expos in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ###

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